Future plans

Roadmap for 2024

Quarter 1:
  • Increase of the project's hashrate to 5,000,000 TH/s
  • Launch of an airdrop for marketing purposes
  • Introduction of a new format of digital miners
  • Release of a partner collection with mining equipment vendors
  • Receipt of LO to work within the U.S.
  • Support of the new blockchains in the project
  • Listing on top exchanges
  • Launch of a 33 MW data center
Quarter 2:
  • Launch of a 15 MW in the North Africa region
  • Launch of our own mining pool (GoMining Pool)
  • Integration of the marketplace and NFT sales via top decentralized applications
  • NFT sales via the classical financial sector
  • The introduction of a collateral mechanism on our protocol
Quarter 3:
  • Increase of the project's hash rate to 10,000,000 TH/s
  • Offline holder meeting as part of our GoMiners collection benefits
  • Implementation of a new on-chain validation, calculation, and reward distribution protocol
  • Listing on top exchanges
Quarter 4:
  • Entry of at least 3 investment funds from the top 10 on board the project
  • Partnership with a government in the MENA region. Construction of a 200 MW data center
  • Optimization of miner monitoring using AI to increase equipment efficiency
  • B2C payment solutions for offline and online payments based on the BTC blockchain and our GoMining Pool