1. What is veGOMINING voting?

This is voting on GoMining governance issues. See below for details on its main types.

Voting on GoMining rewards distribution

This voting decides how the GoMining rewards budget will be allocated.

What the GoMining rewards budget includes:

  • Extra Solo mining discount — an additional discount on maintenance fees for all Solo miners

  • Pool mining multipliers — round multipliers in Pool mining modes that increase game rewards

  • The Greedy Machines power increase — TH upgrade of all held NFTs from The Greedy machines collection

The ratio in which GoMining rewards are distributed to these 3 categories depends on the results of veGOMINING voting. The vote holders are the ones who determine where the most GoMining rewards go.

This directly affects the value of the extra discount, round multipliers and power increase. So this is a great way to impact the amount of rewards you receive, if you're a solo player, pool player or The Greedy Machines holder.

Voting on ideas to make GoMining better

This voting decides what features and other ideas proposed by the community will be implemented.

Got your own ideas how to improve GoMining? Leave them on our Discord -> Feature request channel. We’ll pick the best ones and put them up for the voting.

The author of the idea that gets the most votes will receive an Access Key for the GoMiners collection.

Once the voting is complete, we will start working on bringing the winning idea to life. Remember, your participation shapes our ecosystem. Together, let's continue to innovate and enhance GoMining!

2. How can I vote?

Votes are available in the My votes section. To vote:

  1. Connect the wallet that you used to lock tokens.

  2. Choose the active voting you want to take part in.

  3. Select the appropriate answer.

  4. Click Vote.

The weight of your participation in the voting is determined by the amount of your veGOMINING votes. When you vote, you don't spend votes, you just confirm ownership of them.

Your chosen voting option will remain until you revoke your vote and there is veGOMINING on your balance. If you want to change an option you voted for, you can revoke the vote and vote again.

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