1. What is the epoch?

Epoch is the period during which the mint-to-burn coefficient is used. The lower the coefficient, the lower the GOMINING emission and the faster its price grows.

2. What are the epochs for?

The main purpose of Epochs is to decrease the amount of GoMining tokens in circulation.

The maximum number of tokens in circulation (436,915,240 GOMINING at the time of the veTokenomics launch) should decrease to 100,000,000 by the end of the 20th epoch due to its deflationary model. This decrease in supply has a positive impact on the token's value.

The decrease in supply is due to the fact that the number of tokens minted is always less than the number of tokens burned within each Burn & Mint cycle. The exact ratio of burnt and minted tokens is determined by the Epoch according to the table below.

Transition to a new Epoch occurs when in the sum of cycles in the current Epoch the required number of tokens is burnt and minted — columns To burn and To mint.

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