Step 1

Register at, log in to your account and pass KYC.

Step 2

To buy GoMining Token you first need to buy USDT, so click "Buy crypto" button.

Step 3

  1. Select any currency that you want to spend.

  2. Select USDT (ERC-20).

  3. Choose a payment channel that you want to use. The main difference between the channels is the amount of USDT you will receive.

  4. Check the payment details.

Click "Buy". Then follow the instructions of the chosen payment channel.

Step 4

After completing USDT purchase, go to "Spot Trading" section.

Step 5

Сlick on the currency pair selection field.

Step 6

Enter GMT in the search bar and select GoMining Token.

Step 7

Click on "Market", enter the GoMining Token amount you want to buy and click "Buy GoMining Token".

Then click "Confirm" in the confirmation window to place your order. Done!

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