About GoMining

This is FAQ about the GoMining Token. For info on how our NFTs work, check out the FAQ about NFTs:

1. Project objectives

We have created an easy way of mining that does not require the purchase of expensive equipment, maintaining and connection.
GoMining helps to overcome major barriers and lower the threshold for entry into mining.

2. What is GoMining Token?

GoMining token is a crypto-asset management token and a user authentication tool in the company's system.

3. How can the token be used?

GoMining Token provides holders with several opportunities all at once. It can be used to:

  • Purchase NFT on our NFT Marketplace
  • Pay for goods in online stores
  • Pay for game mechanics such as NFT Maintenance inside the NFT Game
  • Pay for a variety of services: mining by digital miners, hosting of real equipment, and partner programs
  • Receive royalties from sales through referral links

4. Where can I read about GoMining Token?

You can find all links to our official accounts on our website gmt.io

5. How many holders does GoMining have?

All daily updated information about the token and the number of its holders is visible on the CoinMarketCap website.
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