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How to turn your BTC rewards into GOMINING

The function of turning BTC into GoMining tokens is available to the following customers:
  • GoMining token holders who purchased it before 02/15/2023
  • GoMining token holders who use the Flexible Staking
  • NFT by GoMining holders
It means that rewards will be directly calculated and accrued in GoMining tokens. Rewards can only be accrued to your virtual wallet.
To turn your daily BTC rewards into GoMining tokens, you just need to turn on the toggle, as shown in the picture below. You can turn the toggle on and off at any time you want.
You can withdraw your rewards in GMT from the virtual wallet. Learn more about how to do it in this instruction.

How rewards in GMT look like

For GMT and NFT reward sections, such rewards are displayed with "Reinvested" status. When hovering over the reward amount, you can see how many BTC were converted to GOMINING.
And if you click on the row with the reward, you can see detailed information about the reward calculation.