How to use virtual wallet

Virtual wallet is the wallet that you can use within our service to store your GOMINING and NFTs. All tokens and NFTs on the virtual wallets are stored only on our servers.

We've added virtual wallets so you can start mining and access all the features as soon as possible. Virtual wallets are created automatically for all signed up users. If you don't use it, you can delete it anytime.

The virtual wallet is best for you if:

  • You are new to the crypto industry

  • You are going to buy a token for the first time

  • You've got no experience with crypto wallets yet

What opportunities Virtual Wallet gives:

  • If you have an NFT, you can get a discount on maintenance by paying for it with your GOMINING virtual wallet.

  • It can store you GOMINING and NFT without adding other wallets. During buying process just select your virtual wallet as the address to which you want to receive tokens or NFT.

  • You can use your virtual wallet to pay for the NFT purchases and upgrades, merch purchases and a lot more.

If necessary, you can withdraw funds from virtual GOMINING wallet to your external wallet.

How to top up a virtual wallet

  • If you don't have GOMINING tokens yet

Just buy GOMINING directly to your virtual wallet with crypto or credit card. You can do so in the Buy GOMINING section of your personal account. When buying tokens, select the virtual wallet as a recepient address.

Here is more info on the purchase process.

  • If you already have GOMINING tokens stored on your other wallets

You can top up your virtual wallet using ERC-20 and BEP-20 GOMINING that are stored on your other wallets.

  1. To top up your virtual wallet, click the Top up button on it.

  1. Choose the Virtual wallet top-up option.

  1. Enter the amount you want to top up your virtual wallet and click Next. You'll be redirected to our payment gateway GoMining Pay, here are the instructuions on how to use it.

  1. Once the transaction is completed, your virtual wallet balance will increase.

How to withdraw tokens from a virtual wallet

1. Go to the GOMINING Wallet section and click the Withdraw button on the virtual wallet card.

2. Enter your GOMINING address, to which you want to withdraw tokens. This can be either the address you added in your personal account or any other GOMINING address.

Select the network of the address you entered above. Then enter the amount of GoMining tokens you want to withdraw. Click Next step.

Minimum withdrawal amount in ERC-20 network — 500 GOMINING

Minimum withdrawal amount in BEP-20 network — 100 GOMINING

  1. Carefully check that all the data is correct. If everything is all right, enter the confirmation code sent to your email and click Confirm.

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